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Prostate enlargement is one of the most prevalent problems among older men. Many people do not realize that maintaining a healthy prostate is essential for good health in general. Numerous supplements promote prostate health. The all-natural solution for prostate issues is the ProstaClear Dietary Supplement.

Consider using the ProstaClear supplement if you’re searching for a natural remedy for your urinary problems. It is an organic supplement that aids in regaining health and supporting normal prostate function.

Men’s prostates can be effectively increased using ProstaClear, which contains natural ingredients. Three exclusive mixes are combined in it to make it easy to use. Keep reading the ProstaClear Reviews to learn more about the product’s ingredients, cost, availability, and usage.

ProstaClear Reviews
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What is ProstaClear?

ProstaClear is a state-of-the-art product that improves urination while supporting prostate and bladder health. Utilizing ingredients that have undergone extensive testing to guarantee the highest standards of quality, purity, and efficacy, ProstaClear is a food supplement.

This high-quality dietary supplement offers superior support for preserving healthy prostate and urinary functions by combining potent plant extracts with extra ingredients.

Rather than just treating the symptoms of prostate issues, the novel treatment known as ProstaClear targets the underlying causes of the problem and cures them. Relief is long-lasting because it prevents problems from developing in the first place. ProstaClear protects the health of your prostate without the need for drugs, surgery, or other potentially dangerous procedures or treatments.

How Does ProstaClear Work?

The nature of the disease and its underlying causes determine the symptoms of chronic prostatitis. A brand-new prostate supplement called ProstaClear has many potent ingredients that work right away. Everybody’s body contains a variety of hormones, such as testosterone and estrogen.

Since testosterone is a hormone associated with femininity, men have higher levels of it than women. Current research indicates that increased estrogen is the cause of an enlarged prostate in men. The condition gets worse if the person with BPH tries to treat it with medication.

The ProstaClear capsule may benefit prostate health due to the combination of ingredients. It functions by strengthening the body’s defense system. Some areas of the body enlarge due to the increased estrogen level brought on by taking a capsule. The enzyme aromatase is what causes the concentration of estradiol-17 to increase.

The ProstaClear dietary supplement aids in the body’s response to extended prostate symptoms. ProstaClear is made entirely of pure, natural ingredients that can soothe the prostate area of the body. Additionally, it aids in raising testosterone levels to lessen symptoms and restore prostate development.

The supplement’s creators specifically created it to remove toxins from the body. Consequently, it strengthens the prostate and enlarges the nerves that carry blood to the prostate. You can use the supplement for a more extended period to eliminate prostate-related problems.

ProstaClear Ingredients: What ingredients contain in ProstaClear capsule

Every issue related to prostate health makes the case for a healthy prostate size. However, not all prostate supplements have the proper ratios and concentrations of the active ingredients.

David Stephenson and his team list all of the ingredients in ProstaClear along with their respective functions:

Chrysin: ProstaClear includes Chrysin in trace amounts in materials such as passionflower and bee propolis. Since Chrysin is “the most powerful natural aromatase inhibitor around,” David included it in the mixture, hoping it would stop testosterone from converting to estrogen. According to David, chysin can also lower inflammation, increase testosterone, improve immunity, and increase fertility. According to particular research, Chrysin may slow the growth of specific kinds of prostate cancer cells.

Indole 3 Carbinol (I3C): One of the critical components of ProstaClear is I3C. Because it hastens the liver’s breakdown of estrogen and aids in the body’s safe excretion, David refers to it as “an essential nutrient for reducing BPH.” Among the cruciferous vegetables that naturally contain I3C are broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower. Prostate cancer cells exhibited I3C-induced cell growth inhibition in a 2001 study; subsequent research has confirmed this relationship.

Eurycoma Longifolia: The first two ingredients adequately supported David’s father’s prostate health. He added tongkat ali, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia, to raise his father’s testosterone levels. This ingredient can reduce symptoms of an estrogen imbalance, such as man boobs and a giant belly, while also boosting energy levels.

Fenugreek: A lot of natural testosterone boosters contain fenugreek. Fenugreek inhibits aromatase enzymes from converting testosterone to estrogen. As you age, the activity of your aromatase enzyme increases.

Resveratrol: Research indicates that this antioxidant, frequently present in red wine, can help control inflammation all over the body. ProstaClear’s manufacturers contend that by using estrogen as an aromatase inhibitor, the drug will reduce estrogen levels and regulate prostate enlargement.

Nettle Root: Traditional prostate remedies have utilized nettle root, a naturally occurring herb, for centuries. ProstaClear contains nettle roots. According to David and the team, the nettle root in the ProstaClear formula can reduce prostate size, increase urine volume, increase urinary flow rate, and relieve pain and discomfort in the lower urinary tract.

Cissus Quadrangularis: Known as “the devil’s backbone,” David and his colleagues have found that Cissus Quadrangularis can boost testosterone and reduce stress in addition to promoting weight loss, strength, and joint health.

ProstaClear’s nutrients, in David’s words, “completely reversed my dad’s prostate enlargement.” Even though his prostate swelled to the size of an apple, ProstaClear eliminated all BPH symptoms and reduced the prostate to a standard, healthy size.

Features and Benefits of ProstaClear Supplement

For men with prostate problems, the ProstaClear formula offers many health benefits in an easy-to-use manner. For someone who needs to keep their prostate healthy, it is perfect. High-grade, pure ingredients are used in the creation of the prostate capsule. The dietary supplement should provide the following benefits to the user:

  • Increases urinary flow

Ingredients in the dietary capsule aid in boosting urine flow. It also shields the user from discomfort during urination. These have beneficial plant compounds like vitamin E and antioxidants.

  • Maintains the healthy prostate

If you include the capsule in your diet, one of the main advantages is that it will help you maintain a healthy prostate. It contains plant sterols, pumpkin seeds, tomato powder, green tea extract, and quercetin, among other nutritional ingredients. It relieves pressure on the bladder and helps keep the prostate healthy. In addition, nobody wants to strain to urinate.

  • Enhances urinary health

The supplement’s all-natural components cooperate to preserve urinary health. Red raspberry powder’s and mushroom extract’s vitamins and properties contribute to the natural improvement of urinary health.

  • Boosts energy and blood circulation 

The ProstaClear supplement’s ingredients help repair the harm that toxins have caused to the body. Increased strength, energy, and blood circulation foster general wellness. However, it can also enhance sexual performance, strengthening the bond between you and your partner.

The organic prostate pill can eliminate stress and other health problems. It improves brain function, enabling users to concentrate more successfully on their relationships, business, and other activities.

ProstaClear Reviews
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ProstaClear Side Effects

Taken as prescribed, ProstaClear is a dietary supplement made of natural ingredients that are generally thought to be safe for most people. Individual results may differ, and side effects are likely, as with any supplement. The following are a few possible adverse effects of ProstaClear’s ingredients that have been reported:

  • When taking Prostaclear supplements, some people may experience headaches, nausea, diarrhea, or upset stomachs. Very infrequently, prostaclear may also harm the liver.
  • Although most people think these supplements are safe, some may have constipation, diarrhea, or upset stomachs.
  • When prescribed, nettle root is generally considered safe, though some individuals may experience mild gastrointestinal distress or skin irritation.

Therefore, we recommend you consult your primary care physician before starting any supplement regimen.

Pros and Cons of Prostaclear Supplement


Some advantages of the ProstaClear supplement that everyone should be aware of are as follows:

  • Natural remedies address health problems more quickly.
  • Because the supplement is made of natural ingredients, there are no adverse effects.
  • It assists in addressing health issues at their source.
  • Products made by Phytage Labs include organic prostate supplements.
  • There are no hazardous chemicals, addictive substances, or pollutants in dietary capsules.
  • It can quickly restore the prostate.
  • Prostate problems in men of all ages can benefit from this supplement.
  • It aids in symptom relief in a few days.
  • Positive client testimonials for ProstaClear


Let’s look at a few of ProstaClear’s drawbacks:

  • The official portal is the only place to purchase ProstaClear.
  • This supplement is only meant for use by adult men.
  • Not every user will get the same outcome.
  • See your physician before taking the new capsule.
  • Those with severe medical conditions shouldn’t take this capsule.

A product designed exclusively for men, ProstaClear addresses issues related to male reproduction. To treat prostate issues, men over the age of eighteen should take this organic supplement. Additionally, it has no adverse side effects and promotes urinary tract health.

There are sixty capsules in each ProstaClear bottle, which is sufficient for one month. The makers advise taking two capsules every day. These substances improve health and cause the prostate to shrink when they enter the body.

See a doctor if you have any questions about the ProstaClear dosage or if you take any medication for a chronic condition. Those requiring the capsule can take up to six months to get the full benefits.

Where to Buy ProstaClear? ProstaClear Pricing and Availability

ProstaClear is exclusively offered on the manufacturer’s official website. Although this organic supplement is purportedly available from many online retailers, consumers will place their orders through the official website.

You are qualified for a return policy and can obtain a special discount when you order the product through the official website. They will promptly and safely deliver the item to your door. Every purchase you make on the website can save you even more money. These are three packages of savings:

  • A single bottle of ProstaClear costs $59 plus $19.95 for shipping.
  • For $49 per bottle, three ProstaClear bottles are available with free shipping.
  • Six bottles of ProstaClear cost $39 each, plus shipping is free.

Free shipping is available for orders placed within the United States. The customer who orders the dietary prostate supplement from outside the US will pay a shipping fee based on location.

ProstaClear Refund Policy

The ProstaClear supplement is available from the creator with a money-back guarantee. It allows the consumer to test the organic product personally. Each person may experience a different outcome from the ProstaClear supplement.

Every order has a return policy to ensure customers get the help they need. Should the intended outcome elude you, a refund may be requested. The manufacturer will return the total amount of money within three working days.

The shipping money is not reimbursed to the buyer. After the purchase date, the return door is only open for sixty days. Thus, within the first sixty days, the individual uses the official portal to request a refund.

You can consult the customer service department if you are uncertain whether to ask for a refund. The refund process is simple. Purchase the product through the makers’ official website to maximize the benefits.

ProstaClear Reviews
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ProstaClear Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

A few consumers say they bought ProstaClear for an elderly relative, such as a father with prostate issues. Others assert that they have personally reaped substantial rewards.

Here are a few testimonials that clients have posted on the official ProstaClear website:

One customer was taking three medications to treat his severe prostate problems. Even with these drugs, he still needed to urinate four or five times at night, which left him mentally disoriented the following day. That man’s prostate issues “have mostly gone away” since starting ProstaClear, and he now only wakes up once at night.

Another client says that before using ProstaClear, urinating hurt. Physicians attempted to treat the problem with medication but to no avail. That man says he “was feeling the urge to pee less frequently” and his “flow was stronger” after taking ProstaClear for four days. After just three weeks, he “feels like a younger man” and is “symptom-free.”

After using ProstaClear, a customer reports that he no longer experiences nighttime awakenings and can now confidently attend business meetings without needing to use the restroom, something he had previously struggled with.

Before using ProstaClear, a customer said he was embarrassed by the wet spots on his pants. He now has complete control over when he starts and stops urinating, thanks to ProstaClear.

A fifty-two-year-old man was having painful urination and problems with his prostate. He wanted to avoid the doctor because of insurance concerns, so he used ProstaClear instead. After using ProstaClear for four days, the man’s pain subsided. The reviewer claimed that after three weeks, “it is 95% gone, and I can pee easily.”

“The answer to my prayers” is how one man puts ProstaClear. The man urinated 20 times a day and four times a night due to severe prostate issues. He says that “by the third day” of taking ProstaClear, he was back to his previous self. These days, he only takes one every night, and occasionally not at all.

According to a different reviewer, ProstaClear is the only supplement he has tried in 25 years that has proven effective. He had been dealing with prostate issues for 12 years when he discovered ProstaClear, which improved his daily flow and ended his restless nights and frantic trips to the bathroom.

ProstaClear states that it has 53,674 happy customers overall, which is growing daily. Following their initial use of the supplement, several men on the official website report virtually eradicating all prostate issues and symptoms in weeks.

ProstaClear Reviews – Final Verdict

Consider using ProstaClear Dietary Supplement to help ease the discomfort of an enlarged prostate. Prolonged prostate glands may cause urethral irritation and unpleasant urination. Therefore, it would be ideal to use the restroom several times during the night, as this will impact your slumber.

However, the use of organic supplements aids in the elimination of blood stress hormones and prostate cancer. The capsule’s natural ingredients aid in locating the issue and providing root-cause therapy. Therefore, you want to avoid having the same health problem again.

There are no possible adverse effects from the ProstaClear capsule. The supplement’s natural ingredients provide a host of health advantages. Regular use of this medication aids in the efficient care of the prostate and the body as a whole.

ProstaClear Reviews
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 Frequently Asked Questions

What can consumers experience while using Prosta Clear?

Customers will experience an improvement in urination ease as they use Prosta Clear. It increases their libido and allows them to sleep through the night without interruption. In the end, Prosta Clear users can experience an overall improvement in their quality of life.

How does Prosta Clear exceed the support offered by other remedies?

Prosta Clear works, as the makers clarify. It’s also very safe and reasonably priced.

How can you expect the result of ProstaClear Capsule?

The outcome of taking organic prostate supplements may vary depending on the individual’s health status. Within a week or two of taking the capsule, some people report feeling the effects of it. Many may not see the outcome for more than two months.

The person may assume the body will process the natural supplement more quickly. However, you must take the capsule for three months. It will assist you in averting future issues. The producer provides a money-back guarantee so you can confidently take the dietary supplement and observe how your body responds.

How long does it take for Prosta Clear to arrive?

Most orders are delivered in three to five business days.

What if the customer doesn’t want anyone else to know about their prostate issues?

That poses no issue. These orders come in plain packaging with no logo on the outside, making it impossible for anyone else to guess what’s inside.

Will users need to make changes to their lifestyle to get the desired results?

No. The creators point out that maintaining a balanced diet and going for a daily walk of ten minutes for their prostate health would be beneficial.

Are ProstaClear Ingredients Safe?

Yes. Even though some ingredients are in proprietary blends, the creators only used substances shown to have physiological effects.

Who Created ProstaClear Prostate Supplement?

David Stephenson is the creator of ProstaClear. For years, David watched his 57-year-old father, a firefighter, battle with problems related to his prostate. Following a hospital visit when his prostate problems reached a breaking point, David decided to look into natural prostate treatments. Based on his research, he created ProstaClear.

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