Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews 2023 – Is It Worth Buying for Better Mobility & Overall Health?

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Overuse, a sedentary lifestyle, and poor posture contribute to tight hip flexors. The psoas muscle is the primary hip flexion muscle, stretching from the lumbar spine to the femur. Tightness or shortening of the psoas muscle can have adverse health effects, such as decreased mobility and lower back pain.

It’s not easy to loosen your hip flexors; to do so, you need to stretch your hip flexors specifically and frequently. This improves mobility and lessens lower back pain. Furthermore, lousy posture exacerbates the problem by putting more strain on the lower back.

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program’s exercises are crucial for assisting users in realizing their full potential and stabilizing the hip muscles. Mike Westerdal, the program’s creator, claims that people with unexplained hip, joint, and back pain should use it. This evaluation goes into further detail about the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program. Read Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews
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What ​is the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

The digital program Unlock Your Hip Flexors aims to help users relax and release tension in their psoas muscles. It comprises a progressive flow of ten carefully chosen exercises, including static stretching, 3-D core stability exercises, PNF stretching, fascia stretching, and muscle stretching activation. Rick Kaselj, MS, is a renowned kinesiologist and injury specialist.

Physical activities improve healthy blood flow, revitalize the body, and naturally lower inflammation. Thus, according to the program’s creator, it improves flexibility, vitality, and general well-being.

The program also includes a manual that explains the function of the psoas muscle in the body and a video that provides detailed instructions on how to target the muscle. It also includes images of exercises that promote a natural recovery of vigor and flexibility.

About Creators of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program

The creators of Unlock Your Hip Flexors are fitness author Mike Westedal and skilled injury specialist Rick Kaselji. In addition to being a master at healing wounds, Rick Kaselji has created several methods for healing severe back injuries.

Additionally, he has aided in the healing of thousands of people worldwide. Mike Westedal, a co-author, has written articles for Iron Magazine.

Together, the two have spent years researching and developing a cutting-edge product known as Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

What Is A Hip Flexor?

A group of muscles facing the hip’s front are known as the hip flexors. They assist you in flexing or moving your knee and leg closer to your body.

The hip flexor muscles are a significant factor in the stability of the lumbar spine. Tight hip flexors can cause lumbar spine pain, impairing function. Furthermore, sedentary behavior is a common issue and a significant factor in limited hip extension flexibility.

What Are the Causes of Weak Psoas Muscle?

The author claims that, among other things, sitting for long periods and having lousy posture cause the psoas muscle to weaken, tighten, and shorten. This can have several adverse health effects, such as:

Bulging Belly Syndrome

Many people think that weak abdominal muscles cause a protruding belly. The stomach may protrude even after doing daily core exercises. As a result of the lower back’s curvature pushing outward from the belly, tightness in the psoas muscle is the primary cause of bulging. People can have a flattened stomach once the psoas muscle functions correctly and restores the abdominal back.

Fat Loss Inhibitor

The fight-or-flight response has an impact on the Psoas muscle. When people find themselves in a stressful or dangerous situation, their psoas muscle tightens and causes pain in the lower back and pelvis. Consequently, it sets off an adrenaline rush and causes the immune system to enter a fat-storing state.

Poor Sexual Performance

Sitting for long periods causes the hips to thrust forward, putting strain on the lower back and decreasing blood flow to the body’s tissues. Consequently, inadequate blood supply to the genitalia due to the diminished blood supply surrounding the pelvic area results in subpar or nonexistent sexual performance.

How Does Unlock Your Hip Flexors Exercises Work?

According to reports, the program releases the psoas muscles surrounding your hips, which helps you realign your stiff hips. According to their research, this muscle acts as the link between the upper and lower bodies.

After a lengthy sitting session and intense exercise, our hip flexor review will explain how the hip flexor program will help you regain your flexibility. They say that by doing a series of exercises to help you align your pelvic alignment, the pain you experience in your hips will go away.

The writers, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal, assert that you will experience improved posture, increased mobility, and agility due to the alignment. Thus, the following is how the program operates:

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews
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Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF Stretching

One of the exercises that will help you initiate the natural healing process of your hips is PNF stretching, which involves a series of muscle activation movements. These movements concentrate on the surrounding muscles to loosen up the stiffness in your joint.

But here, we’ll offer some guidance. Before attempting PNF stretching exercises, if you are experiencing hip pain, don’t hesitate to contact your physician immediately.

Dynamic Stretching

Moving your hips and joints through a progressive full range of motion is known as dynamic stretching, a hip muscle activation technique. This dynamic stretching promotes better blood flow to the affected joint area and facilitates pain-free mobility.

Fascia Stretching

Another method for unlocking your hip flexors is fascia stretching. One unique exercise method is fascia stretching, which targets the fascia surrounding the hip flexors.

Mobility Exercises

Exercises that target the hip joint and promote free movement and function are known as mobility exercises. Use these mobility exercises to unlock your hip flexors and loosen those stiff hips.

You can improve your stability and posture with these mobility exercises.

3 Dimensional Core Stability Exercises

Use the 3-dimensional core Stability Exercises to help you strengthen your abdominal and core muscles and unlock your hip flexors. In a sense, it activates these muscles, increasing their strength, vigor, and power.

This exercise also assists you in lessening the unnecessary strain that you place on your joints.

What Is Included In Unlock Your Hip Flexors Online Program?

You can download resources to help you unlock your hip flexors from a hidden download page after you purchase Unlock Your Hip Flexors from the official website. You will find a private page within the Unlock Hip Flexors program that directs you to download the following files:

  • The Main Manual: It explains the idea of hip flexors and includes 63 pages of exercises. Your hip flexors will get more robust and flexible with these exercises.
  • Coaching Video: The video shows viewers how to perform ten exercises correctly. You’ll be able to overcome any uncertainties you may have about the movements.
  • Follow-Along Video: Watching videos that walk you through exercises without explanations can be helpful. You won’t experience any interruptions while you follow the activities.

Why Unlock Your Hip Flexors Guide Beneficial? Should You Try the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

When the hip flexors become more taut, numerous health issues arise. Make Your Hip Flexors Strong and Flexible with Unlock Your Hip Flexors. For several reasons, the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program appears advantageous. Among the many noteworthy advantages of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program are:

  • Treats pain: If you’ve been dealing with chronic back and joint pain, The Manual can help. Reviews of Unlock Your Hip Flexors indicate that the book can reduce arthritis pain.
  • Frees up the hip flexors: Tight hip flexors cause hip locking. The primary goal of the exercises in Unlock Your Hip Flexors is to release the hip flexors.
  • Reduces belly fat: Prolonged sitting and tight hip flexors are the causes of the “bubbly belly” syndrome. Even with exercise and supplementation, many people find eliminating belly fat challenging. They are unaware that tight psoas muscles are the primary cause. You can overcome the bulging belly syndrome with the Unlock Your Hip Flexors manual, all without using harmful drugs or medications.
  • Enhances sleep patterns: You’ll get a good night’s sleep without disruptions once you can stop the swollen abdomen and joint pains.
  • Enhances sexual life: People who experience physical pain tend to become less interested in having sex. Following the release of the hip flexors, you will be pain-free and able to resume your active lifestyle.
Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews
(LIMITED STOCK) Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors at a Special Discounted Price Today!

Drawbacks of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews

Even though Unlock Your Hip Flexors has a lot of advantages, it’s vital to think about any possible disadvantages as well. Among the potential negatives are:

  • Individual Outcomes May Differ: With any exercise regimen, individual outcomes may differ. Pre-existing conditions, consistency, and effort are a few factors that can affect the program’s effectiveness. Even though many people have succeeded, it’s crucial to go into the program with reasonable expectations.
  • Needs Consistency and Commitment: To reap the complete advantages of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program, practicing consistently and regularly is required. The program will significantly increase hip flexibility and overall mobility but will require commitment and work. It might not be appropriate for people unwilling to invest time and effort.
  • Not a Replacement for Medical Advice: Although the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program can help people with tight hip flexors, it’s crucial to remember that it cannot replace expert medical advice. Before beginning any new exercise program, people with pre-existing medical conditions or injuries should speak with a healthcare provider.

Pros And Cons Of Unlock Your Hip Flexors Ebook


  • The program Unlock Your Hip Flexors is affordable.
  • Well-written and simple to understand
  • The authors are well-known authorities that you can rely on.
  • This program is appropriate for all body types and ages.
  • It is easy to complete the exercises and follow along with
  • Boosts your vitality and strength.
  • You can do the exercises every day.
  • It works well for addressing lousy posture.
  • Can enhance the quality of your sleep
  • Exercise stimulates the body’s healing mechanisms.
  • Included is a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.
  • Boosts inadequate blood flow.


  • The only way to buy it is online.
  • There is a shipping fee.
  • Success depends on your level of commitment.
  • Not practical for all people
  • Results take time to manifest.
  • You should consult your physician if you have had hip or knee replacement surgery.

Can You Really Get the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Digital Handbook For Free?

The exercise guide for Unlock Your Hip Flexors isn’t free. However, if you buy the program, you’ll receive free bonuses that will teach you how to build stronger muscles. The only place to get the program’s full version is the Unlock Your Hip Flexors website.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews
(LIMITED STOCK) Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors at a Special Discounted Price Today!

Pricing & Where Can You Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors System?

The guide is readily available for purchase on their official website. Unexpectedly, Unlock Your Hip Flexors only costs $10 when you factor in the $48 in bonuses.

Additionally, the creators provide a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with the results, you can return the item for a 100% refund within 60 days of purchase.

Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors Scam Or Legit?

While searching for the best program to release tight hip flexors, we came across many reviews for Unlock Your Hip Flexors on official pages and social media, which indicates that the program is genuine. Numerous reviews claim this program works well for those new to exercising and have yet to gain prior experience.

According to other reviews, they have been losing unwanted fat from their thighs, hips, and belly by adhering to a healthy diet plan throughout the program. These individuals gained muscle flexibility and mobility by adhering to this program for six months. There have been no adverse reports from customers regarding these exercises.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews And Complaints

Reviewers of Unlock Your Hip Flexors have given the program positive reviews after using it in their daily lives. Here are a few endorsements from clients:

  • “I can effectively integrate numerous exercises from Rick into my patients’ wellness and rehabilitation regimens,” says Erin Nielsen, a physical therapist.
  • Owning Optimax Performance Training, Brian Klepacki says, “I feel more prepared to advance my client’s training with this program so that I can enter a training session with assurance.”
  • Procter & Gamble Account Executive Mark Jellison says, “It improved each of my conditions—the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program!”

Here are a few instances of the encouraging comments that Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews has gotten. Even though specific outcomes may differ, speaking with a healthcare provider before beginning a new fitness regimen is usually a good idea.

Bonuses Included With Unlock Your Hip Flexors Workout Program

Customers receive two bonuses after purchasing the program, including:

Bonus #1: Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings ($29 value)

Hamstring strains are prone to rupturing and can cause hip and pelvic rotation, which flattens the lower back and produces pain. Customers who participate in this program learn how to keep their backs healthy by adopting proper posture. We give customers a routine that will reduce their chance of injury and enhance their performance by easing lower back pain. Additionally, users of the program can improve the condition of their muscles and release tight hamstrings in just a few minutes each day.

Bonus #2: The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet ($17 value)

Rick’s program helps people regain their strength and flexibility. A healthy diet, however, complements the program’s advantages. Customers who adhere to the 7-day dietary plan can get relief from pain, stiffness, and muscle soreness and reduce inflammation brought on by environmental stressors. Sticking to the prescribed diet plan would enable individuals to enhance their body’s inflammatory response, thereby inducing natural healing.

The nutritional program also includes shopping lists, meal plans, and advice on how to help the body heal itself. The body heals itself in a day or two, reducing pain and inflammation, which are the main contributors to chronic illnesses and other health issues.

Conclusion: Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors right for you?

Restoring health and addressing hip flexor issues are the main objectives of the exercise regimen explained in Unlock Your Hip Flexors. The dynamic team behind this program is one of its exciting features.

Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal have extensive knowledge in various disciplines, including kinesiology, nutrition, exercise science, and fitness.

The two are knowledgeable about both the theoretical and applied facets of wellness and health. There is proof of this trend in the growing number of regulars. The fact that experts in the field are willing to assist for as little as $15 to $19 is commendable.

There are two complimentary reports in addition to the base price, and if you’re not happy, you can get a complete refund. Thus, consider trying the Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program if you’re prepared to maximize the potential of your hip flexors and enhance your general quality of life. Your body will be grateful!

Unlock Your Hip Flexors Reviews
(LIMITED STOCK) Buy Unlock Your Hip Flexors at a Special Discounted Price Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors safe to use?

Unlocking your hip flexors is a helpful tool because the exercises in the program are regular. Any fitness expert, including yogis, would suggest these kinds of exercises for you. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, our unlock your hip flexors review says it’s not worth the money.

Q. Is Unlock Your Hip Flexors FDA approved?

We did our research before writing our Unlock Your Hip Flexors review, and we found no information indicating that the program has FDA approval.

Q. Are There Any Unlock Your Hip Flexors Coupon Codes?

No, this program does not have any discount coupons.

Q. Are The Exercises in ‘ Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ Program Easy Or Hard?

Not at all. Everybody can successfully use the program because it is straightforward. Because the DVD provides a comprehensive overview of the movements that users will perform to loosen up their hip flexors optimally, it makes the exercises even easier to perform.

Q. Who Are the Masterminds Behind Unlock Your Hip Flexors Program?

With this program, Rick Kaselj and Mike Westerdal aimed to strengthen and target the psoas muscle, one of the hip flexor muscles.

Q. Who Will Benefit From This Tight Hip Flexors Program?

This program benefits anyone experiencing hip, joint, or back pain because it can help with these problems. Anyone can perform the exercises, and they don’t put a lot of strain on the body.

Q. How long will users have to participate in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program to get results?

Everyone starts at a different place and improves at a fantastic rate. It takes a few sessions for some people to start feeling more at ease, while others see improvement after the first.

Q. What Makes ‘Unlock Your Hip Flexors’ Different From Other Hip Flexibility Programs?

The sole purpose of this program is to assist users in removing layers of tension from their hips. Users discover how to create a flow that increases hip strength and flexibility by learning to loosen and train this body part.

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